The essential idea behind Yometa.com is to present the most relevant search results, based on the combination of website rankings by the top 3 search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo…and to present these results in a visually compelling manner that illustrates how they rank on the three engines simultaneously.

Most people think all search engines are the same. However, what most people don’t know is that search results are different among the three largest search engines. In fact, there is only a 3% overlap in search results between them for the top 100 search terms. This means 97% of the results on the three engines are different. This is a remarkable yet little known fact.

The three major search engines have completely different methodologies reflected in their algorithms for assigning importance, or relevancy of a website for a specific search term. If you are looking for the most important website related to your search, you could miss it completely if your search is limited to a single search engine. It is imperative that you look all three. But up to now it has been difficult and time-consuming to navigate all three engines, or to wade through sets of meta search results when they are presented in a linear or sequential manner.

Our vision was to create a search engine that is visual rather than textual, and allows users to interact with search results differently. Showing this in a non-linear, visual manner as seen on Yometa.com, is, we believe a more effective and user-friendly way to present meta search information. It is more compatible with the way that our brains process such information.

Tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours were spent brainstorming, developing our proprietary technology and designing the website. The programming was done via an international collaboration of crackerjack teams from America, Russia and India.

Site Features:

The Search results are displayed in the Venn Diagram. The results closer to the middle of the Venn Diagram are more relevant. The results that are displayed further away from the center are less relevant.

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